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Bug Repellent (4 oz)

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Bug Repellent (4 oz)
bug repellent
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Our bug repellent is a natural blend of essential oils in a water based formula. It contains NO deet or citronella. Safe on humans and pets of all ages. This blend smells terrific with a lemony over tone.

INGREDIENTS: filtered rain water, witch hazel, and proprietary essential oil blend. Effective bug repellent that smells great. Safe for the whole family (and pets too!)

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Spray onto hands and apply to arms and legs. For best results, store product out of direct sunlight in a cool place.

Customer Reviews
Rating Technology Guy ~ Retreat Participant
OK, picture this! A trip to the Margaret Austin Center Ö a rural retreat center in the rolling hills outside Chappell Hill, Texas (between Austin and Houston on US-290) aka MOSQUITO CENTRAL. I have serious reactions to mosquito bites. I gag at the scent of citronella (Iíd rather change diapers!). So what can I use? Lavender- or Cedar- or Peppermint-based sprays (scoff!)? I was told the clip-on repellent was good and didnít smell (yes, it does). I tried MANY of the offerings at the natural food stores and herb shops ~ not good enough, still got bites. Ran into Elly Fleegal at Pecan Street Festival, and saw this product. Iíve been a super-fan of her soaps for years. Frankly, I didnít believe it would work, but it smelled nice, and Iíd tried so many others. YíALL! IT WORKS! I took a 4 oz. bottle with me, and shared with others with similar issues. I still had over half a bottle left. One tip Ö donít skimp! If you donít use enough detergent, your clothes donít get clean Ö if you donít use enough bug repellent, the bugs break through (no-brainer).
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Reviewed by:  from Austin, Texas. - 5/9/2013
Rating Sensitive Skin
Living on the coast has its perks. The great view, the warm weather and the cold drinks. Unfortunately it's the perfect breeding ground for unwelcomed insects. I'm looking at you MOSQUITOES! I don't know what it is about me, maybe my good looks or my fantastic smile but mosquitoes flock to me like a kid to candy. On top of being totally delicious I have very sensitive skin. Once bitten I get enormous welts that make me itch like I've got chicken pox. Buying products with deet in them hasn't made things any better. It seems to be real hit and miss and to top it off I feel sticky and smell like chemicals. I was skeptical at first when I heard of bug repellent without deet but after trying it, I can't walk out the door without it. Not only has it been doing the job of keeping the bloodsuckers off but I actually enjoy the smell and knowing that it's all natural makes me feel better about the product as a whole. I'd recommend it to anyone who hates bug spray but needs it. Great product, it works!
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Reviewed by:  from Corpus Christi,TX. - 5/20/2015
Rating Wonderful product
I love this product. I work outdoors in an area with tons of mosquitoes and frequent cases of West Nile, so insect repellent is important to us. This product really helps and it doesn't leave me smelling like nasty chemicals like the DEET products. In fact, I often get asked what type of perfume I am wearing. Plus, we have some animals we work with that are sensitive to DEET, so this is great because I can use it and not worry about harming them. My only complaint is that it's not available in more places, since I always run out before Huffines Art Walk happens again.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from GARLAND. - 10/18/2016
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