Soap - Herb'N Cowboy
Soap Bar

Soap - Herb'N Cowboy

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4.5oz. Our beautiful soaps are made with food grade, pure fixed oils,and scented with essential oils. They are super-fatted, so they contain a percentage of unsaponified oils (oils not turned into soap). This leaves you with a gentle cleansing, moisture rich bar. All our soaps are made in small batches in order to retain the integrity of the final bar.

This bar has a clean scent created with all pure essential oils. We also added antioxidant rich hemp seed oil to impart it's moisturising and regenerating properties, and activated charcoal for it's detoxifying properties. Perfect for any "cowboy".

INGREDIENTS: filtered rain water, saponified oils of olive (olea europaea), coconut (cocos nucifera), palm (elaeis guineensis), and hempseed, pure essential oils, cocoa powder, and activated charcoal.

* Multiple bars are pictured to show variety in appearance. Price listed is for a single bar.

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