About Us

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Fleegal Farms Soap is devoted to creating all natural soap and skincare. All of my handmade and vegan friendly products are made with botanical, plant sourced oils (not animal fats) scented with essential oils and colored with natural colorants

All my life I have enjoyed and taken pride in what I can make. I have always entertained ideas of building, forming, and making beautiful and functional creations.

Soap is a medium that compliments my personality well. Though I am slightly restricted in the realms of scent and color by my commitment to producing only a natural product, I have found that it has driven me to become even more creative when mixing herbs, clays and minerals to produce color and texture into unique one of a kind bars of soap. My bright and bold scents are made purely with only essential oils and without the aid of artificial fragrances. Each aroma from a Fleegal Farms product is a proprietary scent blended by me in my shop, not from a fragrance company's bottle.

I love to add small details to contrast against the color of the botanical oil added, or layer colors of clay to produce new hues and vibrancy to an otherwise flat color. Each individual batch produces a set of unique artisan bars which in turn produces an amazing bathing experience for my customers. I love watching the change in my soap's appearance as every washing reveals a new layer of surface and the designs and marble patterns change.

I hope you enjoy my line and it brings you the same pleasure that it brings me.

Elly Fleegal
Fleegal Farms Soap